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Darya Krakaviak

April 19, 2023

~2 min

ABM Tactics for Large Accounts: Learn from the Experts at N.Rich x ABX Israel Meetup

N.Rich is kicking off a series of ABM meetups in Israel. We partnered with the ABX Israel community to organize an event where Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations, and Customer Success professionals can discover more about how ABM can help them reach their goals.

The first meetup on ABM Tactics for Large Accounts will take place on May 10, 19.30-21.30  at WeWork Azrieli Town in Tel Aviv, Israel. The event will be organised in cooperation with ABX Israel

Here is the agenda:

1. Andy Kastelmacher, Senior Account Executive at N.Rich — ABM 101: What Is ABM and Why Might Your Company Need it?

Andy will provide an overview of what ABM is, why targeting individuals at the selected companies instead of general customer segments is worth the time and effort, and what resources are required to kickstart such activities at your company.

2. Mika Bella Kayt, CEO at OutgageTactics on Enhancing ABM with Gifting

Personalisation and Experiential Marketing can be a powerful way to strengthen your ABM efforts. Mika will share her expertise on why gifting should be included into your marketing strategy and how your company could benefit from that.

3. Or Moshkovitz, Global ABX Lead at AppsFlyerWhat We Learned from Running a Gifting Play during the World Cup

Or will share the actual case study of how AppsFlyer leveraged gifting and introduced gamification during the previous World Cup to generate new opportunities for the company.

Each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session. Please find the registration form here.

There will be no recording on this occasion. If you are unavailable on the day but want to be posted on the event notes and further activities — please mark the dedicated option in the registration form.

“A strong community of business professionals is essential for personal and professional growth, therefore we at N.Rich decided to start building it in Israel with the upcoming meetup.

Andy Kastelmacher, Senior Account Executive at N.Rich

Any questions? Please send them to Darya, N.Rich Partnerships & Events Manager, at

We look forward to seeing you there!

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