GDPR Compliant Rollworks Alternative For Price-Conscious Marketers

Rollworks is typically a go-to solution for budget-conscious marketers, not willing to pay double or triple for an ABM platform. However, there is no escaping the fact that many European companies are outright rejecting the use of Rollworks due to the challenges with GDPR.

If you are looking for more robust ABM platform capabilities with full GDPR compliance, N.Rich is a top alternative. Here's why N.Rich is the #1 choice for privacy-conscious teams that are looking to get more bang for their buck:

■ Strong predictive analytics capabilities
■ ABM Advertising delivering up to 10X results vs. other platforms
■ Higher data quality for European markets

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Privacy-Centric Platform

N.Rich as a Data Controller and as a Processor

N.Rich acts as a Data Processor for data originating from the Client’s first-party sources, e.g. Website and MAP. Consent is received through the client's website and privacy opt-ins. N.Rich acts as a Data Controller for data originating from third-party publisher websites via programmatic advertising. Consent is received through IAB Transparency and Consent Framework.

Processing is based on consent

Purpose is to enable personalized ads and behavioral analytics. N.Rich is completely compliant with Google’s strict requirements for personalized advertising. The users are always informed about the processing and opt-out alternatives European Personal Data is stored on N.Rich dedicated servers in France and Germany.

Various options to manage processing

Privacy center
Adheres to browser Do-Not-Track standard (DNT)
Member of advertising industry’s (IAB) transparency & consent framework
Opting out results in anonymizing personal data retrospectively

Up To 10x Better Advertising Results

Rollworks is using the CPM model and is optimized for impressions. N.Rich is using the CPE model and is optimized for engagement.

What's the difference?

N.Rich's optimization algorithms take into account only the actual engagement signals:
■ Video views
■ Banner clicks
■ Native article scrolls.

As a result, generating engagement and buyer intent with ABM advertising is up to 10x cheaper if you use N.Rich.

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Advertise With Purpose-Built B2B DSP

Rollworks is the ABM arm of Adroll, the consumer retargeting company. Therefore, the technology behind Rollworks was initially built for B2C advertising.

N.Rich's DSP is designed specifically for B2B campaigns, that are different from consumer-oriented campaigns:

■ Long sales cycles

■ High ACV

■ Need to target several people inside the target account (the buying committee)

With N.Rich's advertising platform, you'll be able to build campaigns that resonate with the relevant buying committee members and track the influence of advertising along the sales cycle.

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Leverage Predictive Intent

Looking for a quick and intuitive way to understand which accounts to focus on? N.Rich's Predictive Intent provides a simple yet detailed buyer journey visualization you won't find with any other platform.

■ See the overall number of accounts you have in each stage: in-market, engaged, and hot.
■ See the exact accounts at each stage and their probability to convert (based on ICP Sales Velocity)
■ Compare conversion to opportunity for accounts at every stage

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All-in-one intent data and great integrations. We have reviewed several ABM platforms and N.Rich was by far the easiest to use and most performant.

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