A 6Sense Alternative For Marketers Biased Towards Action

6Sense is a "System of Insight" product that provides you with plenty of marketing data but not many ways to use it. So, if you are looking for an agile and cost-efficient ABM platform that actually helps proactively generate more pipeline, you might want to look for alternatives.

Here's why N.Rich is the top "System of Action" choice for teams that are looking to get more bang for their buck:

■ Predictive analytics delivering up to 30% conversion
■ 10X ABM advertising performance to boost pipeline velocity
■ Easy to use - it takes just several days to go live instead of months
■ All 6sense essentials for less than 50% of the investment


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Deliver Up To +30% Conversion To Opportunity

Identifying which accounts to focus on is now easy for every team member, be it marketing, sales, or operations.

N.Rich's Predictive Intent feature provides a simple yet detailed buyer journey visualization you won't find with any other platform.

■ See the overall number of accounts you have in each stage: in-market, engaged, and hot.

■ Identify the exact accounts at each stage and their probability to convert (based on ICP Sales Velocity)

■ Compare conversion to opportunity for accounts at every stage


Up To 10X ABM Advertising Performance

N.Rich is using the CPE model and is optimized for engagement. What does it mean?

N.Rich's optimization algorithms take into account only the actual engagement signals:
■ Video views
■ Banner clicks
■ Native article scrolls

As a result, generating engagement and buyer intent with ABM advertising is up to 10x cheaper if you use N.Rich vs 6sense.

impression vs engagement

Launch Within Days, Not Months

Setting up enterprise ABM platforms like 6sense is a complicated process that requires weeks and sometimes months of setup. What's more, even when you have the analytics in place, it will take additional time to launch advertising campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness.

With its easy CRM integrations and just one website tag needed for the launch, N.Rich is a top choice for teams that want to experiment and get results fast.

In addition, N.Rich's advertising platform is built to generate massive engagement from target accounts right away. Leverage several formats to engage your most valuable buyers across different channels and B2B websites.

timeline vs 6sense

All 6sense Essentials For 30% The Price

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ICP Builder

Identify and focus on the right accounts from the very top of the funnel

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Intent Data

Score and prioritize accounts for any marketing activities based on 1st- and 3rd-party intent

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Audience Builder

Create TAM (Target Addressable Market) lists in minutes based on technographic and firmographic data

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ABM Advertising Platform

Proactively generate buyer intent with account-based advertising

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Opportunity Attribution

Track every target account engagement that drove to conversion

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Transparent & Better Pricing

6sense pricing isn't public - according to several software review blogs, it starts at $30k/year, with the predictive model coming at an extra cost. With N.Rich, you can start with the Lite package at just $9750/year.

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All-in-one intent data and great integrations. We have reviewed several ABM platforms and N.Rich was by far the easiest to use and most performant.

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